Sunday, April 26, 2015

You Will Never Outgrow My Love

I've never been able to understand how time can move so slowly, yet fly by all at the same time. I'm here wondering how I've survived the past 6 months of mommy hood when it seems like it's passed in a whirlwind. Did I work with her and teach her enough? Were there moments I missed out on? Should I have taken more time for myself? Or did I sit back and allow our new life to slowly bloom in front of me like a flower blooming in spring? Regardless how I took on the past 6 months they are behind us, a faint memory, a time that can only be brought back through photographs and video snippets of what life once was. Little Miss is becoming more and more independent and I'm learning that life with a child is about letting go slowly. She left my womb and began a life all her own...letting go. She doesn't need me to hold her all the time...letting go. She's becoming a bit more mobile and thinks it's funny to roll away from me...letting go. Soon she will begin solid food and won't be nourished 100% from my body...letting go. These are only the firsts of mamas having to let go. It's not always easy to realize you aren't needed in the same ways you were yesterday. She will always need me in some aspect, even when she's grown and I'll be there for her. There will come a day when she's going to spread her wings and fly. She's not going to realize how many times her mama was there for her, but I'll be waiting because I know my work won't have been done.

A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it. 
- Frank A. Clark

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