Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Do you take time to refuel yourself as a mother? This is something I encourage other mothers to do. I feel taking time to refuel yourself will in turn build you to be a stronger mother and wife. So often mothers get lost in motherhood, while its a beautiful place to be, motherhood wears on you, if you let it. As easily as I can talk to other mothers about taking time for themselves, I've realized I never take time for me. Twenty-two months of being mommy and I'm so lost in motherhood. I could not tell you the last time I went and did something just for myself, just because I needed it. My life has been centered around what my Little Miss needs, what my husband needs, and in the midst of the beautiful chaos, I've somehow lost myself. I look in the mirror and see a woman who is strong, yet so weak; beautiful, yet totally ragged; thriving, yet so worn down. Today it really, I mean REALLY hit me, I haven't been refueling myself, at all. I've lost who I am amongst the piles of clothes to be washed, diapers to folded, floors to be swept, and dishes to be put away. I need an intervention! I need to teach myself how to slow down, take time and reenergize myself. How will I continue to go on being a strong mother, a supportive wife, if I can't take time to fuel my body, mind, spirit? I vow to myself and to my little family that this mama is going to start taking some time to refuel, regroup, find herself and restrengthen myself for the betterment of my family. 
What do you do for you?