Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's All Happening So Fast

Oh dear sweet sweet baby girl, you are getting closer and closer to you 1/2 birthday (6 months old). I sit here and wonder where the time has gone, knowing that I'll be sitting here this time next year wondering this very same thing. I'll spend many many days, months, years wondering where the time went. How does it pass so quickly? You're growing so fast, learning more and more everyday and developing the most beautifully intoxicating personality. There's just some things you won't understand until you have a baby of your own, or at least I never did.

Time passes, I mean time passes so quickly! One minute your wanting and needing 24/7 cuddles, the next you are wanting to play by yourself. I know soon will come the day where you don't depend on me for your nourishment, you won't need me to hold you until you fall asleep and you aren't going to want all the cuddles I have to give, and that's ok. I truly mean that's ok. Yes, I'll look back and probably cry wondering where the years have gone. I'll probably even wonder how I let so many minutes slip through my hands. I sit here and tell myself that I'm fully embracing you and your tiny little body. I am! I said this same thing when you were fresh out of the womb. I embraced those newborn cuddles, those early days where we were still figuring each other out. Now, I sit back and struggle to remember what it was like. How were you that little, how did I manage do get through those early weeks, how did your father and I survive the newborn phase? I'm really not sure the answer, but you were that little! I have pictures to prove it! We survived and made it through that newborn phase! You my darling are wonderful, and though I may not remember every fleeting moment, I vow to take pictures, to truly, I really mean it, embrace every moment. I know I'll sit here years from now and watch you run around this house and think to myself where's my baby, my itty bitty baby, but truth is, I want you to grow. I can't wait to see the sweet child you become, the hopefully not so drama filled teenager (ha), and the beautiful young woman that you'll one day be. Sitting here, with tears in my eyes, I want you to know that I'll love you forever and though you won't depend on me 100%, I'll snuggle with you when you need me, I'll wipe away your tears and I'll always hold you close to my heart, my dear because I know these moments, the ones I'm clinging on to and trying to slow down are fleeting little blips in this little thing we call life.

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