Sunday, March 15, 2015

I want my body back...

Wait, I'm not even sure what that means. I never lost MY body. Why sure if I lost it , I'd want it back, but I don't see how one could simply lose their own body. Yeah, sure I spent a loving 41 weeks 3 days sharing my body with a tiny human being, but I never lost it. My face, was still my face, my hands were still my hands. Those legs, yep those were mine too. And that belly, most definitely still mine. Sure it changed, a pudge here, some sagging there and maybe even some new stripes, but I never lost my body.

I'm not exactly sure why our culture is so focused on getting the pre-baby body back. Why must we put that stress and pressure on a new mom? Why can't we lift up a new mother, let her know how beautiful and wonderful she truly is? New moms are having products, diets and weight loss advice thrown in their face, whether through face to face, books, magazines, or social media. So, when a new mom doesn't fit in to her old jeans by two weeks postpartum, you know how she feels? Defeated. She may wonder why she can't fit in to her old clothes, while others do. She may be struggling to find the time to go workout, while others are at the gym everyday. I feel the postpartum experience is stripped from so many mothers in America.

Postpartum shouldn't be spent analyzing our bodies, doing the most recent fad diet or worrying about squeezing in those skinny jeans. While I'm all for health and wellness, feeling comfortable in your own skin is so important. I wish our culture would allow new mothers to truly soak in every moment with their newborn babies. Those early days and weeks pass by much to quickly. Mothers should embrace their bodies, be in awe at what they have endured and hold that little tiny squish close to their hearts, because those days will soon be just a memory.

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