Sunday, May 17, 2015

Self Love

Since becoming mama, there's so many things I've realized that I want to teach my daughter, things I want her to learn on her own and things I hope she never has to experience. Recently, I've been really working on myself. I'm working to be happier, healthier, and find joy in even the mundane daily tasks of life. Through this I hope to teach my daughter that it's ok to be exactly who she is. She doesn't have to impress anyone. God has made us exactly who we are and He has designed us for a purpose.

I pray she grows in confidence and knows that she has the ability to do anything she wants. As women we are often put down in one aspect or another beginning in childhood. I hope my daughter can overlook the negativity and realize she is a strong and powerful female. Her body is an amazing masterpiece and she be respected as so. Her mind is stronger than she knows and I pray she realizes the power her thoughts have over her. Confidence is beauty, and I wish all women knew how strong their bodies are, how powerful the mind is and how beautiful they can be.

Mamas, hold your daughters close and teach them that women are full of strength. Be her role model. Find confidence in yourself. Don't talk down about yourself, especially your body in front of your daughter. She's always watching and she's learning from you. Teach her how beautiful and strong your body is, so she can see that hers is the same. Show her how powerful your mind is, so she knows that she too possesses the same power in thinking. And always keep her close to show her women can and should empower one another.

"Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your daughters."
-January Harshe

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