Sunday, August 6, 2017

We Still Have Sunny Days

I'm not quite sure when this journey really began. Perhaps it's always been there brewing and just waiting to find the right time to strike. Maybe it just began postpartum, or maybe there has been another trigger. Regardless, it's been a journey and the journey still goes on. 
I've committed to being open and sharing snippets, but I don't want it all to come across as hard, or like I'm seeking for an "I'm sorry" because that's not the case. Has it been hard, yes. But let me assure you, we still have so many fun moments throughout our days. 

Little Miss has developed the funniest personality. She's always one second from blurting out in full theatrical mode any song she knows. We are often serenaded with her rendition of the Happy Birthday song, ABC's, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jingle Bells, Finger Family song, and the list goes on and on and on. We were actually just joking tonight that we would have a built in DJ for our beach trip coming up soon. She never fully finishes a song before jumping to another, it's a never ending mix tape with this one. 

Little Man is something else! He is smitten by his big sister, but has his own hilarious personality. He is always smiling or laughing about something...unless of course it's milk time. The boy is all about his milk! He's crawling around and getting where he wants to go. And he is always grunting or chattering about something. 

Through the dark days, the hard moments, we still see rays of sunlight. These two Littles help keep me going. 

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