Sunday, October 16, 2016

I've been watching you, watching you grow up right before my very eyes. I've seen the struggles you've gone through in learning to adjust with each new phase. I too have struggled. I've rejoiced as you've hit new milestones, each and every one of them. I've seen the joy in your eyes when you discover a new task as well. The joy sometimes over takes you and leaves us both in a fit of giggles. You are my silly Little Miss! So much personality feels you up and I would never change a thing. You are full of life, full of so much sass and attitude, but at the end of the day you are my (almost) two year old and I love every ounce of the being you are becoming. 
These two years haven't always been Sunshine and unicorns. We have cried. We have shown anger. We have had days where our personalities just aren't meshing quite right. However, at the end of each day, when you ask for me, "mommy milk", my heart overflows. When we curl up together as you nurse and drift off to sleep I'm overcome with emotions. I find myself wishing this stage could last forever, that you could fit in my arms and need me to hold you each night, but I know the days are dwindling. You soon will outgrow this need. Soon those nursing snuggles, will turn to a book and a hug, and before I know it you will be putting yourself to bed. I don't wish these days to pass, but they are and we have no control over the time. I promise you that I am cherishing these last weeks of you being our only baby here on earth. I promise that even when I'm dealing with my own set of pregnancy and breastfeeding emotions, I still care about you, I still love you, and you will always be my baby. 

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